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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

2014 Brochure

This is your journey, we can work on empowering your inner strengths, sense of self, positive perception, and discovering your purpose in life. Would you like to learn how to mindfully connect with yourself, others, and develop your daily "Resiliency Routine"© and Stress Management to Enhance your Wellness? There is a mind/body and spiritual connection to stress and wellness, which you can become more aware of and deeply develop through practicing cognitive and somatic techniques. Did you know that your body hears what your mind says and what you focus on grows, both with negative and positive thoughts? You have a choice everyday to be happy and to have a positive attitude. You can learn to shift, move on, and be in control of your thoughts, feelings, destiny.
Come learn how to heal and grow from the inside out!

 "Discover how to grow & heal from the inside out. 

 Learn therapeutic cognitive, somatic, 

 and breath-work techniques

 to breathe away stress and bring in positive energy. 

 There's a mind/body & spiritual connection
to stress and wellness.

I see clients who want strength-based help with: 

Unstable Moods; anxiety, depression, anger concerns, etc.

- Identity and self-esteem issues, mistaken beliefs, advocating for and nurturing self, adoption issues, and expressing feelings.

Juggling responsibilities, setting priorities, following through.

- Life, career, relationship transitions, or feeling stuck.

Loss and grief; divorce, physical illness, children moving.

Relationship communication problems, being heard.

- Mental health, co-occurring illness, PTSD, traumas, phobias.

 Healing w/ continuing care from addiction or being inpatient. 
Mind/Body & Spiritual balance, awareness and healing.

Practicing mindful meditation, EFT/Tapping & AIT breaths.

Learning to connect; accepting self and others, Mindfulness.

- Finding purpose and authentic-self to enhance Resiliency.

- Advocating and attending IEP or 504 school team meetings

with you.  Offering support for your children to qualify for accommodations; extended time, notes, etc., as needed. 
- Helping individuals, couples, and families deal with chronic stress to improve relationships. Stress doesn't need to be passed down to the next generations!



 I look forward to speaking with you!  Call for your In Person or Face Time / Skype Therapy or Coaching sessions.  I see both Adolescents and Adults; Individuals, Couples, Families, and Groups.   I give experiential stress management and resiliency workshops and retreats,
as requested.



Marilyn Spenadel, LCPC, NCC, BCC, CCS

Holistic Psychotherapist

Board Certified Professional Life & Spiritual Coach 

Board Certified Clinical Supervisor

Authentically U Counseling, LLC

6288 Montrose Rd

Rockville, MD 20852

(240) 426-8344




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