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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

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Providing Skype Therapy and/or Coaching, as requested. Just click on the above prompt to get started. 
If you're located far from my office and wish to have a helpful session without leaving your home or work, call for a Skype virtual therapeutic session

Skype Virtual 1 Hour Therapy Session:  $100.00
(Personalized, Stress Management, Empowerment, or Shift Work)   

--Learn quickly and effectively Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), healing breath work or EFT/Tapping, positive affirmation work to reduce stress and cleanse your mind and body of your past issues so you can move on.  



--Learn where your mistaken beliefs, negative self-talk has come from and how to be the source of your positive beliefs and positive self-talk.  



In Person 1 Hour, Individual Session; Pay in Advance:  $120.00

In Person 1 Hour, Couple or Family Session; Pay in Advance: $140.00


3 hour February Stress Management & Resiliency Workshop: to learn Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breath Work Techniques to Promote Resiliency.

$250.00 payment at least a day before:

 $300.00 payment the day of workshop:  


February/March Women's Empowerment 6-8 Week Group: to learn practical skills to help enhance your self-esteem, purpose, and communication with others.

$40 per session; $240.00 for 6 weeks:

$40 per session; $320.00 for 8 weeks:


February/March Workshop and Groups:

2 in 1 COMBINATION, 7 Classes = $320.00 for Stress Management Workshop Plus 6-Week Empowerment Group- Discount = Pay in advance, before first day of class, you'll get $70 Savings!

2 in 1 COMBINATION, 9 Classes = $400.00: Stress Management Workshop Plus 8-Week Empowerment Group- Discount = Pay in advance, before first day of class, you'll get $70 Savings!
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