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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Pay Pal for 2 HOLISTIC, Peer Clinical Supervision, Educational Groups Starting September, 2013 (ON LINE AND IN PERSON)

Amount: $

$45 Online or In Person Holistic Group Session- One person

Amount: $

$35 Online or In Person Holistic Group Session- Two or more group


Send me your information or questions if you're interested in attending this ongoing educational, support group 



Hello Licensed Professional Counselors and other Clinicians,

 I am excited to have received my Certificate to give Clinical Supervision.  I specialize in holistic therapy, teaching, and helping others to process their mind/body and spiritual awareness, techniques, and insight to help therapists and their clients' wellness. This peer supervision, educational group is being created to offer connectedness and experiential learning to clinicians in a field which is growing and needs collaborative clinician support. The attendees will be made up of any licensed clinicians and I can give approved supervision hours to LGPC's.   I have had great success teaching therapists and clients individually and who have come to my stress management, resiliency, and empowerment workshops gain insight and experience learning various holistic approaches to become less stressed or unstuck, if needed, and to enhance their journey.  We will discuss, process, and practice ways to prevent burn-out while staying true to ourselves.  While this isn't therapy, great growth and grounding will happen as we discuss cases, how we interpret them and provide intervention, how our cultural upbringing impacts our perceptions and judgments, and what's required to keep healthy boundaries, to list a few topics. We will share our CEU experiences,what insight we've gain from them, what techniques we use, what laws are helping our counseling field, and have interesting guest speakers.  


Previous knowledge of holistic approaches to enhance your mind/body and spiritual connection/wellness isn't required to be a part of this group.  Yet, having a desire to learn about this and how to incorporate it into your "Resiliency Routine" and therapy sessionswould be helpful.  As you know, there is a strong mind/body and spiritual connection to chronic stress contributing to mental and/or physical illness.  Therefore, learning how to become aware of this and how to relieve or prevent the negative effects can be important.  We will experience and discuss Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), EFT/Tapping, and many other somatic,mind/body/spiritual connection approaches to enhance healing. 


I hope to start this bi-weekly or monthly group this September, 2013.  My supervisory training, through the LCPCM and taught by a JHU professor, educated supervisors to encourage clinicians to collaborate and support each other, which promotes growth for both therapists and their clients.  This group's cost will depend on how many therapists sign up.  Please call me or text me if you are interested in being a part of this inspirational, educational supervision group or have any questions. 


 Marilyn Spenadel, MS, LCPC, NCC, BCC, CCS

Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist

Board Certified Professional Life & Spiritual Coach

Certified Clinical Supervisor

MCA Membership Co-Chair 

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