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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake


               Learn to Mindfully Make Your Holidays Less stressfull

            2014 Stress Management & Resiliency Workshop

 Date:   Saturday, December 13th

 Time:   1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

 Cost: $100,*please pay w/paypal by December 6th

 Location:   Authentically U Counseling, LLC

             6288 Montrose Road, Rockville, MD  20852

Phone: Please email or call for more information
            (240) 426-8344 

                     Mind/Body HOLIDAY BURNOUT PREVENTION                         

Topic:  Learn New Breathing, Meditations, and Mindfulness techniques to Promote Resiliency

·       Your “Strength Kit” © for journaling and storing your skills and practice your cognitive, somatic healing “Resiliency Routine” ©

·       Learn where you store your stress, how to cleanse away the residue, and rejuvenate your mind/body & spirit.

·       Discuss helpful ways to shift your perception and communication.

·       EFT/TAPPING technique - Learn to tap on your meridian points, say affirmations to relax immediately and bring in acceptance.

·       Guided imagery, walking meditation, and visualization exercises to let your light and positive energy in to enhance wellness.

·       Advanced Integration Therapy (AIT), therapeutic breathing out stress and toxic energy, then breathing in positive core beliefs.

·       2 Mind/body integration exercises for disorganized thoughts.

·       Experience the importance of one’s mind/body connection and how different breath-work, meditation, and visualization exercises can reduce stress and promote physical and mental resiliency.

·       AIT, and other techniques, can provide protection from burnout and psychosomatic illnesses while cleansing trauma and stress taken on both consciously and unconsciously.

Learn to Breathe Your Stress Away!  Breathe, Focus, be Inspired to live as AUTHENTICALLY U!

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