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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

TELETHERAPY 2020 & Beyond

         See what Teletherapy collaborative sessions can do for you

        2020 NEW TELETHERAPY & BEYOND SELF-DISCOVERIES,                        Interventions, Connections, and Deep Growth 

As we are all dealing with and processing these uncertain times it has seemed very important to make our co-collaboration in therapy to become more creative.  I have found innovative ways to experience therapy and engage via video virtually sessions to be very successful.  In the past 9 months, over the past 2020 year I have experienced beginning, middle, and end of intense and liberating journeys in clients lives through Teletherapy sessions.

When I started going through the stages of grief myself, in dealing with how life isn't what I expected it to be this year, I learned to accept what is and then find greater meaning and empowerment in the ability to sculpt a new way of doing therapy and living life.

While bringing mindfulness, positive intention, and growth into sessions clients seem to be delving into finding their strengths, greater purpose, and connections in deeper ways.  As I am collaborating with them, via virtual phone or computer sessions, they are practicing new coping, communication, living skills between sessions to integrate into their lives and relationships.  Their goals seem different as they are being re-triggered with feeling lonely, not being heard, and looking for more purpose as they are finding different ways to connect.  They are spending much more time with themselves or family and needing to reevaluate their sense of self, purpose, and relationships.  Learning to bring one's whole self into work and life is happening as clients are learning to live out loud. 

Mind, body, and spiritual awareness, connections, and growth has been upfront and center to uplifting many lives this year.  Connecting to oneself, others, and the bigger picture has seemed to be happening faster.  People seem to be working on ways to connect to themselves and others more emotionally and spiritually.  Here are some interventions and modalities, you can experience through our Teletherapy collaborative sessions, to work on watering yourself and your relationships daily.  ((Watering the seeds of hope within you, your relationships, and our world can lead to blossoming of a brighter future for us all)) 

Some of the different interventions and modalities you will learn and grow from:

Self-Care, Gratitude, and Acceptance Work = Practice and create your daily resiliency self-care routine to proactively reduce stress, feel present, and to live life on purpose while going with the flow with childlike wonder and appreciation.  

Connecting to One's Feelings = Learn how to accept and become friends with all your feelings can help your hard emotions dissipate and learn to shift them to more positive. Coming to understand that pushing down hard feelings can make people emotionally and physically distant and sick has forced me to help clients work on accepting and connecting to their true feelings slowly with great compassion and strength. 

Walk and talk therapy to connect to your senses = With clients on their phone and me on mine we both walk into nature to experience the world through our senses in a much more mindful, meaningful, and transcending way.  Going outside, deep breathing, looking up to connect to the great out doors will have you go in and connect to yourself in a much more peaceful way.  Touching, seeing, smelling, and hearing nature mindfully can life changing.  Having one's legs become roots to connect to the earth, feeling the tree has your back, and transcending into sunsets can be awe inspiring.  We can gain strength and universal connection from nature as it can from us!  This "Connecting to Nature and Our Senses Therapy" can help you connect and grow your sense of self and purpose as you feel both grounded and uplifted.  

Spiritual & Resiliency Education & Mind/Body/Spiritual Evolving = Awareness and growth can help you gain endless hope and possibilities for yourself and our world - When we learn to connect to the universal inner light in us all we can become much more compassionate, kinder, and opened with endless possibilities. 

Experience the Guided Universal Light Meditation & Art Project, Guided Walk on the beach/Sunset Meditation, and more.

Learning to shift your perception to help you move forward in a positive way. "What you focus on grows and you can't deep breathe and be stressed at the same time."

Breath-Work = Learning to disconnect from technology systematically will have you drop down to connect to your heart and true-self as you reduce stress and feel more present and opened.  

Mindful Meditation & Visualization Exercises =  Learn how there's so much more to therapy than just talk and what you can see.  

Active Listening Exercises = Communicating in diads with me, your relative, or friend to learn how to be heard and feel you are listened to without thinking of the past or future.  Feeling mindfully present when you talk to someone is a gift you can give yourself and others.  You can learn how to teach people to listen to you and how to treat you!

EFT/Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique = Learning you are not your stress, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as you breathe in affirmations to accept your inner self.

(AIT) Advanced Integrative Therapy =  During 1 session you can learn to accept and then let go of trauma and replace it with a positive new core belief you can feel.  Learn to muscle test, deep breathe, accept, and cleanse ancestral or childhood traumas and their triggers.  AIT will have you pull out intense feelings and experiences from their roots so they don't spill into new generations psyche.  You can learn to bring in and instill positive new core beliefs after you let go of the negative ones.  This can be a skill you have for the rest of your life so you don't ruin relationships by bringing in past experiences into your current or new connections.  Over and over I see current relationships, marriages, parent-child relationships get sabotaged by childhood parent-child past communications, which doesn't need to cause a wedge between people.  (Please read the letter testimonials explaining how learning and using AIT can positively help you move forward and thrive)

Empowerment Psycho-Education: In most sessions you will learn techniques to practice in between our meetings to create your own strength based, empowerment routine, "Resiliency Strength-Kit" ©, and "Resiliency Wheel."©   Learning to pause daily and make an appointment for yourself can be helpful.  

Gestalt Technique, POD, NLP Technique, CBT Cognitive Distortion, Internal vs. External Locus of Control, Assertive Communication, and What is your Schema-how did your upbringing affect you and is affecting how you parent or engage with others?  

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