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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

Self-esteem & stress management counseling

  • Create your ever growing and empowerment "Strength Kit" (c) to enhance your self-esteem and provide you with coping skills to practice and add to;
  • Create your "Strength-based Resiliency Routine" (c) to grow from and gain insight daily;
  • Ceate your "Pause Daily" (c) list of proven mindfulness mind/body techniques and skills you practice to help you feel your true self-fulfilled easily 
  • Create your "Authentically U Vision Board" to help inspire you and move you in a positive direction;
  • Make your "Affirmation's Box" to help you shift any mistaken beliefs to positive self-talk;
  • Practice Stress Management Techniques: EFT/Tapping, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Visualization;
  • Learn NLP/Change Work to help you finally move forward;
  • Learn mind/body connection, Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) energy healing/breathing techniques, to help you cleanse yourself from any traumas, anxieties, or phobias and learn how to get unstuck. (AIT helps people have less stressful interpersonal relationships; helps people shift their core, negative beliefs to positive; or can help people become truly happy by understanding the connection between their past and the present as they learn to free it from where it has settled in their body, if they choose.)   You will experience and understand why you might have pain in certain areas and how to let it go once and for all.  
  • You can learn to have total control over your perception and your mind/body connection to them!   
  • AIT can help you change your perception towards yourself and others to help you grow in a healthy and positive direction.  
  • These stress management techniques can help you become more resilient and able to ward off many stress related mental or physical illnesses.  
  •  schedule a Skype appointment. 
    Providing Skype Therapy, as requested. Just click on the above prompt to get started. 
    If you're located far from my office and wish to have a helpful session without leaving your home or work, call for a Skype virtual therapeutic session.


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