~Healing Connections to help find ongoing inner peace and connections~ 


Experience the sacred space, where you can find yourself from within

HOLISTIC STRENGTH-BASED, Solution-Focused, EMPOWERMENT, MINDFULLY CONNECTING HEALING, UPLIFTING and MIND/BODY Holistic Integrative THERAPY. Psycho-Education in sessions with skill-building homework to rewire one's brain to be more positive. SPIRITUAL COACHING to greatly enhance your resiliency, wellness, and connectedness.
Psychotherapy Sessions and
Support for Individuals, Adults, Adolescents, Parents,
Pre-Marital, Marriage, and FAMILIES both in-person and online.
-- Accepting insurance for therapy sessions 
Are you ready to learn to become your hopeful best-self?

I'm seeing clients NOW through video and Virtual Therapy,
in person later this year.  Accepting insurance & sliding scale for this
 mind/body/soul connecting and uplifting therapy

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Marilyn B. Spenadel, MS, LCPC, ACS
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Center's Address:  6209 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD  20852      
(240) 426-8344 and 
[email protected]
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Licensed in Maryland and W,DC to take insurance for therapy.  Seeing clients too, with a sliding scale, throughout our world.

Offering Mindfulness, Holistic Wellness & Resiliency Workshops
in Our Community

EAP Govt. Companies, MCPS School Staff; Counselors, Students and Parents,

Private, Public Schools and Universities, Hospitals, and Wellness Centers

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Listen to 2 Very Experiential Robin's Smith Show 2022 PODCAST with Marilyn;Voted the most listened to PODCAST and 12/2023 Newest Podcast


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Click Link Below to register, after May 13, 2024 for my July 20, 2024, WALKING IN NATURE & ART THERAPY WORKSHOP 

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New ongoing Mind/Body & Spiritual Support/Learning Group

Starting again in March, 2024

2013, 2014, 2015, AUC Community Events,

View AU! Press Release mentioning upcoming Bullying Conference, April 21, 2012 at Montgomery College, Germantown, MD 
December 2012 Year End Blog

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Marilyn's 2013 Community Interactive Lectures:

1) "Experience Meditation and alternative therapeutic techniques" at Meditation Museum, Silver Spring, MD: February 9, 201 
2) "Women's International Day" at Ten Thousand Villages, Rockville, MD: March 9, 2013
3) CBS Radio Talk Show on "Mind/Body & Spiritual connection to stress, Meditation & AIT Cleansing and Healing" (Please Call In at (248) 414-5886) 
April 9, 2013 6:00pm - 6:30pm EST, Listen at  http://www.amomentofchange.com
The podcast of the show is now available at www. http://amomentofchange.com/podcast
4) MACD Spirituality Conference for Clinicians; "Benefits of AIT therapy, and more, to help one accept and heal their mind/body & spiritual connection to stressful feelings lodged within."  Learn ways to become more resilient when healing from the inside out : May 4, 2013 at Loyola University

Marilyn's 2014 Community Interactive Lectures:
1) Sunrise Assistant Living Therapeutic and Educational Discussion for Caregivers.  September, 2014
2) "Women's International Day" at Ten Thousand Villages, Rockville, MD: June, 2014
3) Holistic Stress Management & Resiliency Skill Building Interactive Talk for Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Affinity group at the Pearl Spa.  November, 2014 

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We can't always change what happens to us, yet we can always choose to change our perception towards anything to help our destiny per Vicktor Frankl, who wrote "Man's Search for Meaning."

Learning to help yourself shift any negative energy, thoughts, and feelings can be life changing. You can learn techniques to become more resilient and free, of the negative somatic and emotional affects of stress, and to any emotional and physical angst it can or has caused you.





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