~Healing Connections to help find ongoing inner peace and connections~ 


Experience the sacred space, where you can find yourself from within

HOLISTIC STRENGTH-BASED, Solution-Focused, EMPOWERMENT, MINDFULLY CONNECTING HEALING, UPLIFTING and MIND/BODY Holistic Integrative THERAPY. Psycho-Education in sessions with skill-building homework to rewire one's brain to be more positive. SPIRITUAL COACHING to greatly enhance your resiliency, wellness, and connectedness.
Psychotherapy Sessions and
Support for Individuals, Adults, Adolescents, Parents,
Pre-Marital, Marriage, and FAMILIES both in-person and online.
-- Accepting insurance for therapy sessions 
Are you ready to learn to become your hopeful best-self?

I'm seeing clients NOW through video and Virtual Therapy,
in person later this year.  Accepting insurance & sliding scale for this
 mind/body/soul connecting and uplifting therapy

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Marilyn B. Spenadel, MS, LCPC, ACS
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Center's Address:  6209 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD  20852      
(240) 426-8344 and 
[email protected]
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Licensed in Maryland and W,DC to take insurance for therapy.  Seeing clients too, with a sliding scale, throughout our world.

Offering Mindfulness, Holistic Wellness & Resiliency Workshops
in Our Community

EAP Govt. Companies, MCPS School Staff; Counselors, Students and Parents,

Private, Public Schools and Universities, Hospitals, and Wellness Centers

Click here to see workshops I've created and still facilitate

Listen to 2 Very Experiential Robin's Smith Show 2022 PODCAST with Marilyn;Voted the most listened to PODCAST and 12/2023 Newest Podcast


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Click Link Below to register, after May 13, 2024 for my July 20, 2024, WALKING IN NATURE & ART THERAPY WORKSHOP 

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New ongoing Mind/Body & Spiritual Support/Learning Group

Starting again in March, 2024

Brief Testimonials

Comments and insight gained from group attendees and individual clients:

"Marilyn has listened to me without judging and helped me to explore my strengths and possibilities,"

"She knew which techniques to use to help me move and cleanse myself of my phobias and internal stresses,"

"I now understand my mind/body connection to my stress and how to get rid of my daily headaches!,"

"I no longer feel triggered from my past or current stressors and see myself and future more positively,"

"I no longer have anger outburts since I cleansed certain issues and past stressors with the AIT breathing technique; I now talk with my family without yelling,"

"Now I am confident I have the tools to reduce stress and be hopeful,"

"It's great to have a safe place to discuss issues and gain insight,"

"Marilyn is very compassionate and understanding,"

"She helped me to believe in myself and to be hopeful again,"

"Her posiitve perspective helped to open my eyes to a new way of thinking,"

"I feel refreshed and balanced after I have done the meditation techniques in our sessions;  I'm always learning more stress managment skills with Marilyn,"

"Marilyn's Stress Management Workshop I attended was an awesome experience because I learned so many new ways to reduce my stress and had fun talking to others in our group,"

"My heart feels lighter after talking to Marilyn and practicing deep breathing techniques with her,"

"The breathing techniques of Advanced Integrative Therapy and EFT/Tapping, Marilyn has taught me, have greatly helped me deal with and move on from my past,"

"The 6-week Empowerment & Resiliency group therapy I participated in helped me to understand my strengths and how to communicate better,"

"Marilyn has been very supportive to me and my family throughout our difficult times,"

"My wife and I learned how to understand and communicate with each other, in a much healthier and deeper way, during our talks with Marilyn,"

"I am greatful Marilyn has taught me how to advocate for myself and my family.  My children have learned to ask for what they need too,"

"Her help teaching me how to navigate the school system greatly helped me to support my son and his learning issues," 

"I enjoy her inspiring AUTHENTICALLYU! facebook page and connecting to others there,"

"Marilyn providing me Skype therapy, on the days I couldn't get to her office, has helped my sessions stay consistent,"

"I love Skyping with Ms. Marilyn since being in a wheelchair has made it difficult to get to her office,"

"I now have more friends and finally asked for a raise due to learning how to communicate assertively.  Being angry wasn't helping me"

"I learned how to deal with my social phobias by visualizing my happy place before hand and it really works!"





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