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21 Holistic Letter Testimonials

21 Holistic Letter Testimonials

4 NEW Testimonials about learning AIT

1) I have struggled with my relationship with my 10 year old LD and ADHD son for about five years.

He was a lovely baby and toddler, but when he turned five something changed. He became very difficult to live with. I saw different therapists to help me with the struggles I was going through, including working with his therapists. The process to open up my heart to love him for who he was, was not moving quickly and in some cases getting worse. I was recommended to see Marilyn by a friend and had never heard of AIT. I was very open to trying it after she suggested it to me. I completed two sessions of AIT, both with the goal of loving my son for who he is and opening my heart. The results were immediate. It was amazing to see that I was no longer irritated and frustrated by him. I can now hug him genuinely, kiss him goodnight with an open heart and talk to him when he's having a meltdown without feeling triggered by his emotions. I think AIT is a wonderful tool to help with struggles that aren't resolved with any other therapy. Marilyn is a wonderful therapist and guide for this heart opening work! - DP, 2/2020

2) "Everything is actually going really well!! I'm really enjoying using the techniques you have given me so far. Since our last appointment I've noticed a huge difference in how I'm handling things and I have not had a crazy outbursts or felt any "rage" or frustration when things have gone awry--especially with the kids. I also see a shift in my son's behavior. He's not having as many tantrums and when he does I can de-escalate him."JS,3/2017

3) "I needed relief from what was a very debilitating symptom. I found Marilyn Spenadel while looking up EFT/Tapping in my city. (I had had previous success with EFT and was looking for a refresher.) I described to Marilyn my symptoms of having constant thoughts about Person A. She said that Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) somatic, chakra therapy is ideal in cases of obsessive thinking. The first session of AIT seemed too "easy" or missed the point, and I left the office feeling that this was worthwhile technique but probably won't help. How wrong I was."

That very evening, standing in the shower, I was ruminating once again but in a positive manner: what I accomplished today, what I need to accomplish tomorrow. After about five minutes I suddenly realized that Person A wasn't there with me! As Dr. Seuss would put it:

"Not in my shower, not in my car;

Not in my head, not in my mind;

Congratulations, Sam-I-Am,

You left Person A behind."

The sense of relief was indescribable. I was smiling throughout the entire following day." JM, 4/2018

4) Gaining my sense of self back after intense grief and loss.

"I wanted to share my experience with AIT and Marilyn: I lost my husband suddenly and completely unexpectedly. I had lost family members before my husband passed, but the grief I experienced when he died was so deeply intense and overwhelming. I was shocked and felt like I was completely unable to cope with the intensity of emotion. I saw Marilyn's profile online and the item that encouraged me to try therapy with her was that she specializes in people who have been through a trauma and who feel "stuck".

At our first meeting she suggested trying AIT at our next session. I was completely open to anything that could help and so during the second meeting she led me through AIT. I could tell immediately that the crushing pressure of the grief I was feeling was lessened. I left Marilyn's office that day feeling that there was a path through the grief and I was so grateful. I have experienced AIT with Marilyn twice since that initial treatment. Each time I have been relieved of the issue or suffering I was dealing with. I have told my people of the treatment. It has been a life saver for me. There is no need to suffer emotional distress that seems overwhelming when AIT is available." LP, 12/2019

All Testimonials Unsolicited & Approved explaining benefits of Holistic Therapy and/or using AIT:

Read these letters explaining how the array of mind/body connection techniques I teach my clients and other therapists have made significant life changing differences in their lives. These clients, therapists, and I want to give hope to people who may be suffering needlessly from similar or different issues that have been lodged in their mind/body and soul. These techniques will enable clients to be free of their thoughts, feelings, emotional and often physical PAIN that has caused them chronic stress and made them predisposed to ongoing mental and physical illness. The letting go helps them become more resilient to possible psychosomatic or chonic illnesses. Also, there are testimonials from parents for their children and adult clients who are able to become unstuck and reach their potential. 

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) healing, breath-work teaches clients to cleanse themselves of trauma, stress, and triggers that are causing them to use unhealthy coping skills. The somatic AIT technique teaches clients how to rid themselves of negative or dysfunctional feelings, thoughts, and pain so they can move on, while accepting these feelings. 

Below you will discover how these clients easily broke away forever from their debilitating chronic feelings and thoughts, relationship issues, triggers from their past, fear of dogs, fear of using the computer, and tendency to have anger outbursts. They did this by learning and experiencing breath-work or the easy and effective (AIT) energy cleansing technique. It only takes one session to cleanse each issue, feeling, fear, or trigger once and for all, as explained by these inspiring letters. As you cleanse yourself of your stressors, and negative energy, you open up space for positive energy to come in and be instilled. 

Other techniques I use, and teach, besides AIT include: Developing and Practicing Your Daily Holistic "Resiliency Routine"(C), Mindful Meditations, 3 X an hour deep breathing, Visualization Exercises, Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and POD technique, Guided Imagery, Journaling, Gestalt, EFT/Tapping bring in positive affirmations, Mindful Eating, Listening, Going Inward, and Art Therapy.

1) 2017 How learning to do AIT on my own has positively changed my life.

I suffered from a bi-polar manic episode at the age of 43 years old, and was diagnosed accordingly. The triggers that resulted in the episode resulted primarily from high levels of stress and anxiety which culminated from lack of sleep, extremely long hours of work and personal tragedies all hitting me at the same time.

I began using AIT about 1 year ago working with Marilyn Spenadel. The feeling of anxiety, stress and worry I would have felt like a large ball or weight within me-typically in my head or chest. Using AIT I was able to learn to identify where it lied within my body and identify the issues. Once they were identified, I used the AIT technique to release the feeling or cause of the anxiety, and then bring in a positive thought and energy. Essentially, release the bad and bring in the good.

Because of my episode, I ended up being incarcerated for 30 days and then was living in a half-way house type work release facility for several months. This situated added additional stress as I was separated from my family, friends and was unable to meet weekly for therapy as I had previously. Because I was taught the AIT technique, I was able to do it on my own. It allowed me to follow the protocol on a daily basis and release these negative thoughts and feelings. It proved and continues to prove successful for me, which I also use in conjunction with meditation and breathing techniques as well. JF

2) 2015 Client explaining how deep breathing she learned from Marilyn helped her get rid of chronic debilitating headaches and pain. 

I've always had a problem with my stress/anxiety,all the way back to when I was just starting elementary school. The stress in my body builds up enough to the point where I get extreme, debilitating headaches and nausea. It is so bad that it usually keeps me sick in bed for the rest of the day. As a nursing student, you can probably tell that this isn't a good recipe for success while in school! Last week, I experienced 4-5 of these headaches while preparing for the beginning of the semester. On the last headache, I decided that I had enough of this. So I decided to completely stop what I was doing and thought about the breathing techniques you had taught us in NURS 310. I did this in bed, facing the wall, with my eyes shut for only about 5 minutes. I was cautious at first, but afterwards I sat up in bed expecting my headache to return after the quick head rush sitting up usually gives me. I waited, and waited... and waited more. I got up from bed and walked around. Then stopped walking, still waiting. There was no headache at all!!! I was so excited with how well this worked, I went to every member of my family in the house at the time and raved about it, especially since it only took about 5 minutes!!!

Marilyn, I think I've finally found the quick fix to these horrible, horrible headaches I've been dealing with for a good majority of my life. I haven't had one headache since then, and I really cannot thank you enough. This is my equivalent to finding the cure for cancer!!!
Again, THANK YOU!!! 


3) Using AIT Therapy to cleanse emotions and negativity. 

"Marilyn is amazing! She uses a technique during therapy called AIT which helps me cleanse emotions and negativity that I wish to release and helps me bring in positivity to my life. Her style of therapy, gentle voice and authenticity has helped me from the first day we spoke. I absolutely recommend Marilyn's healing to anybody." RP, 2014


4) 2012 Marilyn's client for 4 yrs.

"Marilyn believes in me, which has helped me to believe in myself and my abilities. I am grateful for that. She is always helping me find new ways to better my authentic self. She helps keep me motivated and I am definately growing with her spiritual and therapeutic approaches. She is the best!," DM

5) Mindful AIT therapy has helped me from feeling nauseous and stressed before having chemo treatments.

"I Ran 6 miles (half in swaley woods and half flat) this morning in slight drizzle. It felt great. I had some aches, pains, and cramps but I used some mindfulness stuff I learned to "gut" it out. I had starting reading about mindfulness and controlling my breathing. When I concentrated on my breathing I forgot about the pain and cramps. I would not have thought to get into mindfulness stuff if you didn't have your passion on the subject. Thanks Marilyn Spenadel for getting me started on these techniques!!! It's been very helpful. Look out nausea & queasiness; I got you this week with my cancer treatment." SH 

6) Feedback from Marilyn's ongoing, interactive "Mindful Stress Management & Empowerment Workshops and classes"as to what was helpful for participants. 

~ Ms. Spenadel really cares about the participants and tailors the session to their needs. The relaxation teachniques I learned are great!

~ Learning about the 'Locus of Control' and role playing was beneficial.

~ I love this program since it makes me think more about who I am. It is very well thought out. 

~ I enoyed the mistaken belief activity because it made me realize how False my negative beliefs or thoughts were. I enjoyed the meditation exercise to be refreshing.

~ Marilyn tailors her workshops to our individual needs and is very nice, pleasant presenter. She makes people feel comforable. 

~ I liked walking around the classroom expressing all different emotions. 

~ Discussing my beliefs and learning how to use positive affirmations helped me.

~ I made many copies of your red folder from our Holistic workshops I attended for my relatives so they could gain the insight and skills I have learned that have been very helpful for me. The approaches and techniques you teach have changed my life and helped me to think much more positively. 


7) 2016 Taking Marilyn's Holisitc Workshops and learning to deep breathe helped me understand how to let go of stress and stop smoking very quickly 

"Marilyn's workshops that I and many others participated in throughout the semester not only were very enjoyable, but were also highly advantageous in skill-building for the future. Through her compassion and enthusiasm she created a welcoming environment which made it easy to comfortably connect with her and others participating in the workshop. We practiced different cognitive exercises and had discussions on particular topics. Two of my favorite exercises were the pause and deep breathing, and the mindfulness conditioning. In my opinion, if individuals were to implement the exercises and strategies we learned throughout the semester into their daily lives, these simple skills could potentially have monumental outcomes regularly. In my case, I achieved goals that seemed nearly impossible as a result of using these exercises. One that was big to me was quitting cigarettes. Although to many it may not seem like a big accomplishment, for me, trying to quit "cold turkey" and/or traditional quitting methods left feeling anxious and unhinged. The workshops helped me with stress management and therefore got rid of the "byproduct", smoking. To the non-smokers, this example can be analogous and/or a representative of other potential accomplishments/goals that may be achieved through using the use of the cognitive exercises. Ultimately, attending the workshops greatly benefited me and I recommend them to anyone who wishes to achieve a better quality of life." DM

8) 2011 Letting go of feeling anger and saying good-bye to emotional negative outbursts!

"I began therapy with Marilyn Spenadel in May of 2011 to help with a pattern of inappropriate anger outbursts that have plagued me since childhood. I wanted to engage a body oriented rather than an intellectual healing approach. From the beginning Marilyn utilized both Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) to help me change. Though both were effective, I'm convinced that AIT had a profoundly helpful effect very quickly. I felt different in the days following the cleansings we performed. My last significant inappropriate anger outburst occurred early in September 2011 as documented in an anger log I have kept. It is March 2012 as I write this. 

Within a few months of beginning therapy I felt different in the situations that typically occasioned anger outbursts. I felt the tension in my body and felt drawn to bursting out in anger, but something in me just didn't want to go there. It felt like too much work and pain to fly off the handle and easier simply to back out of the situation and look for a constructive solution. I didn't have to struggle to suppress anger. Backing away from anger was becoming natural.

I no longer fear my anger outbursts as I used to. I'm free to toss off an expletive when I feel frustrated, or not. I don't have to fight with anger. The NLP and AIT Marilyn practices would doubtless be helpful to many people who suffer from emotional reactions that seem maladaptive to them, but that have resisted change." RM 


9) 2/2014 Becoming emotionally unstuck and relieved of negative feelings when learned how to do the AIT approach. 


I want to thank you very much for your help, with the AIT approach, when I was going through a loss that triggered old losses. Your help in identifying and verbalizing what I wanted to change and your skill in helping me to work out the intention to change through my body Chakras until the change had occurred gave me immediate relief from utter feelings of sadness and feeling overwhelmed. I have not returned to my original level of sadness and hopelessness since you worked with me.

You helped me tremendously," 

10) Learning the AIT approach helped me let go of the fear of dogs forever. 

"Dear Marilyn,


Thank you for teaching me how to get rid of my fear of dogs. I was having panic attacks each time I saw my friend's dog, the dog's appearance made me extremely anxious. I felt really shaky and sick each time I saw it. I had really bad experiences with dogs growing up. The (AIT) technique you taught me I felt worked immediately, I was amazed. I was able to get rid of my fear of her dog. I was able to see her dog and touch her right after we did the AIT chakra energy cleansing technique. Now I even have a good feeling when I think of her dog. I don't mind getting close to other dogs too. It also helped me understand thoughts are just thoughts and we are able to get rid of bad thoughts and feelings easily. Please share this with your clients who may have any fears they want to get rid of.

I am extremely grateful we worked together,

Most Sincerely,"


11) 4/2013 Working with youth in schools to identify learning problems, emotional issues, and accommodations needed to excel in school & life.

"Dear Marilyn,

We will never be able to thank you enough. When I reached out to you, I was a very lost mother of a 12 year old son who was struggling with school, life, self-esteem and more.


You were a life-saver. In helping plot out a plan of action that yeilded incredible results. Our son went from D's and F's - to now having Straight A's !!!! You helped us every step of the way - from the Diagnostics process, to helping us work with a team of administrators, counselors, and teachers to put this plan in place. And each one of them has stepped up to the plate to help. His accommodations become formal next week. And now embracing his ADHD, he is more confident than ever. And happy! We are very grateful." J.L.

12) For Psychotherapists and Clients: Experiential Workshop to learn Stress Reduction and Resiliency techniques for ongoing insight. 

"Marilyn's Stress Reduction Workshop offered an immense amount of information related to the mind-body connection and the many ways we can offset the negative impact of stress using simple techniques. These are techniques we can use in our own lives as well as offer to our stressed out, anxious clients. AIT is fascinating and I myself found great benefit using Marilyn's chakra clearing exercise.

Marilyn is a warm, engaging and knowledgeable facilitator whose goal is to share powerful information that can be life changing. Thank you, Marilyn for a wonderful workshop!" KH, LGSW


13) 2015 MD University Staff SAS Retreat on Holistic Wellness Skills, Nurturing Oneself Can Help Others:


"How strategies to mindfully nurture your resiliency and wellness can enhance team strength"


"I want to thank you for the training you provided to the staff. You certainly put it across that we need to take time to appreciate ourselves, and each other, and to remember to breathe while we work. Thanks again," PS, Director of USG Career Services


14) Shifting mistaken beliefs to positive beliefs and self-talk.

"Since coming to you almost three years ago now, practicing many of your healing techniques has greatly changed my way of thinking and coping. Your the best! Thanks for all your for me and my family." D. M.

15) College student becoming whole and spiritually awaken to help his anxiety and addiction with Holistic approaches and tools that work.

"For several years I battled severe depression and anxiety, which completely turned my life inside out. To outside observers, everything about my life seemed in place, but I knew better. I tried everything to help subdue the difficulties I was experiencing. I saw many psychiatrists and was prescribed countless different medications. It was not until I started working with my current therapist, Marilyn Spenadel, that I began to make natural, healthy, improvements in my mental, emotional, and spiritual states. The improvements in the way I think, feel, and connect to the world around me have allowed me to resituate myself on a positive path where I can achieve my goals. I never understood the powerful nature of the mind and its complex connections with the body and the spirit. Almost everyone knows of the importance of eating healthy and being physically active. However, this alone can only do so much. Marilyn has used and taught me many therapeutic techniques like AIT-chakra cleansing to help me come to terms with past experiences, that I did not initially realize were weighing heavy on my soul and therefore inhibiting my ability to move forward. Meditation has also been extremely beneficial. It helps in calming my mind, which allows me to better focus, which allows me to think more clearly and better represent my health in my decision-making. The more I begin to be in touch with my mental, emotional, and spiritual states, the better I can represent them in natural ways. It is a beautiful thing to understand that I nor anybody else has to use prescription medication, which can have many debilitating side-effects, to find peace of mind and happiness. All the tools we need in order to achieve this state of being, nature has given us. Seeking out a health professional who is skilled in these natural forms of therapy, was the most important decision I have ever made in my life, because when the mind or soul is unsettled, nothing else seems to matter." AN 

16) Learning to let go of the fear of using the computer forever. 

"When Marilyn and I talked about Advanced Integrative Therapy following our meeting at the Psychotherapy Symposium, she offered to do a skype session with me to show me how it works. I decided to work with the idea of the distress that technology has always caused me. Anyone who knows me knows that I just get rattled if anything about a computer is discussed. So I did an AIT session on removing the negative energy of my distress over technology and then we cleared the childhood issues connected to it. We then installed the idea of my being more flexible. At the end of the session I knew that I felt no distress about the idea of technology, but I honestly did not believe that would be the way it was the next day. Well, it has been 2 months now and I have been challenged with technological issues after another ---all with no distress. It feels like a miracle and I am very grateful for these results." Cathy Thomas MEd. LPCC

17) 2013 Client for 3 yrs: Learning how to become empowered, mentally stable, and care about oneself again! 

"Marilyn makes me feel like she is very in tune with me and actually cares and listens to my needs. I never leave our sessions unfufilled and I always feel like I get something new to use in my life. She has taught me how to care about myself again. She is Fantastic!
Marilyn's style and approach to therapy is fantastic. She has given me skills and ways to cope that help me on a daily basis with stress and anxiety. I wouldn't trade her for anything!" LG





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