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Published AIT Article

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

Breathe Your Stress Away to prevent burnout and psychosomatic illnesses. Learn to become more resilient with Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT). Holistic therapeutic breath-work, mind/body and spiritual healing.

By Marilyn Spenadel, MS, LCPC, ACS

Have you ever wondered if therapy and deep breathing could help you become unstuck, able to move on, and become free of the tightness in your chest or throat you may feel when you are stressed? You may have angst in your body from past or current trauma, stress, and the triggers they may cause you. You may be feeling pain in your body, or trouble breathing, when you practice giving a speech or as you anticipate seeing someone you believe doesn’t seem to understand you. Any ongoing, chronic mind/body connection to stress you experience could cause or increase your physical or mental angst or illness. It has been seen and felt that pushing away and suppressing feelings can lead to more intense issues, addictions, and conflict within and between others.

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), energy healing breath techniques through the energy centers, can increase one’s resiliency to illness, disease, and renewed quality of life with its mind/body transformation. Can you imagine not having that stressful feeling any longer? You can have a new, refreshing perception of yourself and of others when you free yourself of any long-standing connections to trauma and the stress in the body it has caused you. AIT is a therapeutic approach that can cleanse you of your mind, body, and spiritual connection to issues from your past that have become embodied both unconsciously and consciously within you and have continued to be re-triggered. You can learn where you store your stress, how to accept it, then cleanse away its residue and rejuvenate your whole self to heal effectively. You will then have opened up felt sense space to bring in new uplifting energy and new positive core beliefs effectively. Those ruminating thoughts and nagging physical pain from emotional stress and worries will be gone forever, as reported by many who use this technique. Most expressed that their angst concerning issues are gone.. AIT can be incorporated into your daily resiliency routine to greatly help you bring in peaceful awareness and energy. You may be inspired to connect in a lighter way with others and the bigger picture with more compassion and ease.

How It Works and Transforms
Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), energy healing breath-work, started from the belief that all mental or physical illnesses come from past trauma, and the feeling or stress associated to it, or from having one’s ancestors feelings of their past negative experiences embodied within them through epigenetics, which can cause emotional and physical illness. This quick and effective technique helps clients, therapists, and anyone breathe away tension they have stored in their body from past or current stress. People can learn to recognize where their stress has gone and learn to accept and breathe it away as it is pulled out by its roots, which clients have expressed is done permanently. The gained insight comes from acceptance and letting go of past conscious and unconscious feelings, and present triggers to the past. Learning this technique to breathe out negative energy and feelings will allow anyone to open up space as they cleanse chakras/energy centers and then can breathe in and instill positive energy. AIT cleanses individuals of their mind/body connection to their past or current traumas and the feelings associated with them. It is a very powerful and lasting therapeutic approach you can learn to do at home to cleanse stuck feelings, stressors, and to instill ongoing positive feelings, attributes, and empowering beliefs.

Licensed therapists who are trained in AIT can teach people how to become aware of their mind/body connection to stress so they can become more resilient to mental or physical illnesses. The stress due to an event or ongoing interpersonal communication, can be currently causing them anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias, or panic attacks that can be keeping them stuck.  Clients who have been through trauma let go of intense feelings about it so they aren't triggered anymore. They can cleanse themselves of any stress or worries related to a past event, person, or future. Muscle testing is done to test the correct word or statement being used, that expresses one’s unconscious and conscious feelings, and to clarify that their emotions and felt sense concerning the word are reduced to 0 (from a 0-10 scale). Each experience or feeling needs to be worked on and cleansed only once. If stress and angst comes up again, then other issues can be worked on.

Benefits of AIT
People can gain great insight from experiencing AIT since they can feel how rejection, abuse, feeling less than doesn't affect them anymore and therefore they see current family members who they perceived caused them stress in a totally different way. People can get cleared of their originating trauma feeling, initiating/current trauma feeling which is current, and then the feeling of the connection between the two in one session. The cleansing of each trauma doesn't have to be done twice if their muscle test goes down to 0. There can be many originating traumas, which are affecting their lives that can be cleared with this approach in various sessions. I have seen at least 90% of the time people suffer, get angry or hurt from other’s behavior due to a past incident that’s being re-triggered again and again because it was suppressed again and again. This feeling of an incident, emotion, mistaken belief, or label one gives oneself can be washed away with AIT.

AIT can transform people to stop defining themselves by their past. This work changes one’s perception positively since they can learn to get unstuck and start to rewrite their story and go with the flow of life to mindfully feel everything will be okay. The deep breathing and chakra work helps people to become more resilient as positive energy and experiences replace the negative ones. Many positive changes have been reported from people who experience AIT. People will start seeing themselves and others differently and relationships can be healed and transformed. AIT has been reported to work very effectively and quickly to replace internal stressful feelings with the feelings of peacefulness, wholeness, unconditional love, and compassion for oneself and others. When one starts feeling compassion and love for themselves they open their hearts more to others.

Finding Your AIT Therapist
Clinicians need to be board-licensed therapists and trained by a licensed therapist if they are using AIT. It is only taught to licensed therapists or psychiatrists during a 3-full day workshop and advanced workshops are offered. This is one site, which lists therapists and the modalities they use; http://www.psychologytoday.com. Check with the credentialing board, in the state you are being seen, if you have further questions.

Experiences one perceives as negative and stressful can cause stress related mental and physical illness.. AIT can help renew and cleanse the residue one has from stress that has been stored in the body from current or relatives’ past. AIT, energy-healing breath techniques, if taught and processed by a trained clinician can increase one’s resiliency and quality of life with its very effective mind/body transformation. Learn to shift your perceptions to more positive to help you.

Author’s Contact Information
Marilyn Spenadel, MS, LCPC, ACS is a Licensed Clinical Professional Mental Health Therapist with additional training in Spiritual Coaching. She acquired her MS and advanced At-Risk Counseling Certificate degree at Johns Hopkins University in 2009. She feels that we are all here to help and inspire each other with the light within us, which is the universal light we can help strengthen daily.

She discovered AIT when she was on a mission to find Holistic techniques to help her emotionally stuck and stressed clients. She provides individual therapy at her practice, Holistic Wellness Enrichment Center and Authentically U Counseling, LLC in Rockville, MD and via online therapy. She offers experiential workshops and groups on Stress Management-Resiliency, Empowerment, Mind/Body integration, Meditation, Communication, Spirituality, and Mindfulness to encourage growth and resiliency for clients, therapists, nurses, and all helping professionals. She has taught ongoing experiential classes for students and staff at Montgomery College, the Universities at Shady Grove Rd, and other sites called, “Unlocking One’s Hidden Potential” and “Mindfulness Skills for Healthy & Successful Living.” Passionately she offers a 4-hr CEU Board of Social Workers, Board of Counselors and Therapists approved workshops, when asked. One is called “Holistic Resiliency Techniques to Prevent Clinician and Client Burnout.”

She has researched the effects of Epigenetics, of ancestral trauma hurting us, our children, and future generation’s emotional and physical health. The Holistic techniques she teaches clients, including AIT, focuses on reducing the effects of Epigenetics on one’s emotional and physical health and longevity. She has new workshops and talks being created to benefit communities, families, clients, and all helping professionals to learn mind/body and spiritual awareness to become more resilient daily to help oneself and the bigger picture with compassion. She became a board approved clinical supervisor.

Marilyn integrates individualized, holistic energy healing strength-based techniques to help her clients gain insight and empowerment for accepting and living as their authentic-selves. Marilyn can be reached at (240) 426-8344 or www.authenticallyu.org , www.skypetherapyworldwide.com, Please see, on her website, the letter testimonials from therapists and clients explaining their long lasting benefits from learning AIT, which she learned from Mary Branch, LCSW in Vienna, Virginia at [email protected] in 2011.

Amazing Results in Emotional Healing with Marilyn Spenadel, LCPC, ACS

1st testimonial posted by Cathy Thomas2013

1) While working on our book, I have had to deal with one computer issue after another and if you know me, you know that is not my happy spot.  Technology and I have not been friends! Marilyn Spenadel, LCPC www.authenticallyu.org and www.skypetherapyworldwide.com worked with me on my technology anxiety, using a technique called Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT).  This therapy clears negative energy from the system through the chakras, moving from crown to root chakras.  In effect, it desensitizes you, stripping the issue of its emotional impact so that when you think of the issue, you no longer feel upset. We used the quick version of the therapy.  Marilyn guided me through the process, and then we cleared childhood issues that were linked to my technology anxiety. After we cleared the negative energy, we brought in the positive idea of ” being more flexible” working from the bottom chakras up. You do need to work with a therapist to do this therapy the first few times, especially with the cleansing of hard experiences, emotions, and the possible link of current triggers to your childhood.

Well, I’m happy to report that I no longer feel anxious about technology!  Believe me, the Universe has since sent me several new computer issues to test my new state of calm flexibility. I have had computer outages, computer viruses, modem issues, a complete blue screen, which I believe is a really bad thing to have. I certainly have had frustrations, and I have had to get help with several issues, but the stage fright that I used to feel is simply not in my body anymore. I find it completely fascinating and many of you may really want to look into this therapy.

Although I am not fully aware of the depth of possibilities with AIT, I know that I had one amazingly helpful experience.  If it sounds interesting to you, check out Marilyn’s website and explore it for yourself!. 2013, CT, LCSW-C

2) I suffered from a bi-polar manic episode at the age of 43 years old, and was diagnosed accordingly. The triggers that resulted in the episode resulted primarily from high levels of stress and anxiety which culminated from lack of sleep, extremely long hours of work and personal tragedies all hitting me at the same time.

I began using AIT about 1 year ago working with Marilyn Spenadel. The feeling of anxiety, stress and worry I would have felt like a large ball or weight within me—typically in my head or chest.  Using AIT I was able to learn to identify where it lied within my body and identify the issues. Once they were identified, I used the AIT technique to release the feeling or cause of the anxiety, and then bring in a positive thought and energy. Essentially, release the bad and bring in the good.

Because of my episode, I ended up being incarcerated for 30 days and then was living in a half-way house type work release facility for several months.  This situated added additional stress as I was separated from my family, friends and was unable to meet weekly for therapy as I had previously.  Because I was taught the AIT technique, I was able to do it on my own. It allowed me to follow the protocol on a daily basis and release these negative thoughts and feelings. It proved and continues to prove successful for me, which I also use in conjunction with meditation and breathing techniques as well. 11/2017 JF





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