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My Philosopy incorporates a feeling of oneness with the universe, together with Holistic therapy and somatic techniques, to learn how to live in your flow wholeheartedly.  Research has proven that the more engaged you are in your authentic flow, activities you are passionate about, the happier you'll be. The client/therapist healing relationship, along with self awareness of one's authenticity, passions, and strengths can help you mindfully grow.  With stress management and resiliency work you can learn to THRIVE. Growth and healing happens when you get out of your head and become aware of your breath, becoming aware and gaining insight from the inside out, as you deep breathe throughout your day.  Breath-work, meditation, visualizations, cognitive therapy, mindfulness and acceptance work can help you open your heart as you mindfully connect to yourself and the bigger picture. Accepting and letting go of past experience, triggers, and feelings can help you compassionately instill new positive core beliefs and become unstuck to actively live:
"Life is a journey with moments to savor that we can learn from, process, and take in.  We are all connected to encourage and inspire each other and our world with compassion


"I've seen Holistic Mind/Body techniques I teach my cients to cope and cleanse toxic thoughts and feelings,
which have been absorbed by the body, pulled out by their roots to activate ongoing healing. 
This helps to create a healthy mind/body integration and wholeness when one's feelings of their past don't carry the same 

intensity and triggers that may have caused "dis-ease," addictions, anxiety, phobias, stress, and illness."  


One helpful mind/body connection technique: "Pause Daily" © 
by Deep Breathing 3 X's an hour to nurture and ease your mind and body

Healing starts to happen when you get out of your head and
focus on the awareness of your breath and body to heal from the inside out



Watch Dr. Dan Amzallag Montgomery Channel 2 Hour TV Show on relationships.  

  This episode I was on is called, "Challenges in meeting new people "

You will learn many helpful skills and perspectives that could help you in social situations. 

1)  Part 1  Marilyn explains where negative self-talk and mistaken beliefs come from and how to shift these to positive to help you grow.  

Part 1: Challenges of meeting new people when dating: 

 Part 1 and Part 2: Guest Appearance: Bob Paff, Marilyn Spenadel and Robert Scuka. Having difficulties in meeting new people? Learn ways to meeting new people and why living in and nurturing your authentic-self is important.  

Part 2  At the end Marilyn teaches about the importance of using EFT/Tapping to bring in and instill new core beliefs.


2)  Enjoy my recent "Pause for Peace" radio show from the Meditation Museum in S.S., MD  "We are all connected & mind/body and spiritual ways to feel AUTHENTIC."  The interview is at 18:25 minute mark and the interviewer's beautiful meditation before is at 9:45 minute mark.


"You can't always control the world around you, yet you can always change the world within you to help you live in and move in a positive direction." 

"Amazing that when I go outside to connect with nature I'm actually going inside to connect with myself in relation to the bigger picture,"  (Inspired by my visit to Muir Woods, CA) 

"What you focus on grows.  Why not spend time focusing on your strengths, your Authentically U True Self, and the energy that is you that best connects with others?" ~ M Spenadel, LCPC
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Call for an appointment to plant seeds of hope, to be inspired to find your strengths, and to learn stress management & resiliency skills to help prevent or cleanse any psychosomatic issues you may have.  Chronic stress, anxiety and worrying are the leading causes of reasons people go to see doctors for illnesses and angst within.  Physical stress caused by mental distress is called psychosomatic disorders, often coming from suppressed emotions, and are very real and should be taken seriously.  Incorporating easy to learn mind/body skills to learn to accept and then let things emotionally go in your mind and body, sooner than later, can both alleviate and prevent you from developing stress related illnesses.


ONGOING Skill-Building & Discussion Sessions and Workshops to mindfully learn how to live in
and "Empower Your Authenticity & Strengths"
Mindfully Connecting with Yourself & with Others
(Any of these workshops can be offered during individual or group therapy and during psycho-social workshops to gain insight)
At my office or yours
            A) PAUSE DAILY to "Just Be"- Enhancing Resiliency
B) LOVE your true self - your authentic passions & essence
  C) ACCEPT your moods - then move on
D) Assertive Communication with active listening
       D) Disconnect from technology to Connect

E) Spirituality & You  (If you choose)
F) Feeling connected; team building with families or companies
How am I connected to the bigger picture? 


Holistic Empowerment Workshop - NEW Heart Energy Holistic Empowerment Workshop - 
"Ease and Strengthen Your MIND/BODY & SOUL" 
Event Date: 
April 16, 2016 and other dates, as requested
Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: Artists & Makers Studios 
11810 Parklawn Dr., Suite 210, Rockville, MD  20852

Cost:  $30 


 NEW  OC Beach, Sunset, and Learn to Mindfully "Pause Daily"
Holistic Awareness Skill-Building Workshop  
Come Nurture Your True Self and Build Resiliency

"Holistic Techniques to mindfully nurture your
authentic-self, resiliency, and wellness can strengthen
you and your connections"

Date:  July 4, 2016 
Time:  6:00 pm - 8:45 pm 
Where:  Ocean City Maryland Beach & Sunset 
11901 119th Street off of Coastal Hwy 

Cost:   $35 


   9 Ways to Work on Feeling More Your True, Authentic-Self  

Please call for our appointment to have your holistic growth begin.  You can have a 

free 15-minute consultation to learn more about individual, couples, group therapy,

workshops, and/or professional life and spiritual coaching.
(IN PERSON or ONLINE Sessions)   Thank you for your referrals.



Today you are one step closer to a new you where you can feel empowered and on a positive path to acceptance, well-being, mindfully connecting with yourself and others, 
and discovering balance in your life. 

  • Come Learn Awareness, Healing, and Resiliency techniques to help your mind/body and spiritual connection to stress and how it has affected your moods, emotional stablility, and/or physical illness.  Becoming aware of where your stress is inside will promote healing and wellness as you learn to breathe it away and process the insight you will gain about your past and current issues possibly keeping you stuck.
  • Are you looking to find ways to reduce your mind/body connection to stress, become more resilient, or move in a new direction?  As a holistic, solution-focused therapist and life coach I specialize in helping adults and adolescents learn how to gain insight and coping skills.  While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to understanding your mind/body connection to any trauma or stress and then learn to cleanse it from your body effectively and easily.  By practicing energy healing techniques, you will learn to let go of long-standing feelings and triggers that may be holding you back.  You can learn to re-write your story and mindfully live your dreams as your Authentic-Self.
  • I counsel individuals, couples, and families having anxiety, depression, dual-diagnosis, self-esteem, relationship/communication & transitional difficulties.  I teach Stress Management, Mindfulness, Meditation styles and techniques, Mind/Body integration, cleansing breath-work, instilling positve core beliefs, EFT/Tapping, guided imagery, NLP, and coping skills.  With Solution-Focused, Gestalt, Advanced Integrative Therapy and Existential techniques that best suit you, you can learn to accept your emotions, challenge your mistaken beliefs, understand where they came from, and learn to be the source of your positive self-talk and new core beliefs.
  • You can learn how to use Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) breath and energy work to help empower you.  Please read my published article on the process and benefits of learning this life changing technique to enhance your energy, self-awareness, self-worth, interpersonal relationships, peace, strength, and living as your empowered authentic-self.

I teach can teach you cognitive and somatic techniques to accept and then cleanse your stress within, about a particular incident, stressor, negative feeling, or trigger lodged inside.  You can become aware of how your body hears what your minds says and what to do to become cleansed of these thoughts and feelings that are hurting you.  You can cleanse any anquish, breathe it away through your energy centers, and move into a positive direction.  Then, we can work on you bringing in, and instilling new positive core beliefs to strengthen your emotions and body to become resilient.  Please see the testimonials here of how others have healed themselves of their distructive stress within and then brought in positive thoughts, feelings, and energy.   I've experienced my approach helping others learn to heal from the inside out as they have practiced their daily proactive "Resiliency Routine"(C) to gain ongoing insight and growth. 

2) Click Here To Read My Published Article on Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) Published article on the benefits and process of learning and using AIT to shift one's perception and energy concerning their mind/body connection to negative feelings and stress in their body concerning events, issues, experiences, traumas, triggers, and phobias.  Please see the letter testimonials clients and therapists have written about their experience, and continued energy shifting, with learning this very effective technique to help transform your life.    



We are all connected and can make a difference in other's lives. 

Helping one person gain insight and growth will also affect

everyone they come into contact 


  View AUC's You Tube Video   

3)  Listen to Marilyn's-AUC's 1/2 hour podcast radio show on "Breathing Stress Away" and Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) at www. a moment of this site, then click on Marilyn Spenadel's broadcast on the April 9, 2013 show.


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More about Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), one of the techniques you can learn to use to accept and let go of stress and anxiety  

  • I'm very passionate in teaching Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) to clients to help them get rid of chronic and acute stress, as well as, fears and phobias of Anything; dogs, flying, toxic people, relatives, events, driving, triggers, and any of their or others' past issues they have embodied.  I'll teach you the significance of mind/body & spiritual awareness for you to understand where you hold your stress, how stress comes from the mind into the body, and how you can immediately release it. 
  • You can easilly and affectively learn to cleanse any stress, anger, and emotion out of your body which you has lodged inside of you causing you physical and mental discomfort. It's been very rewarding work to teach people this relaxation and energy shifting technique.  You too can learn AIT, which will help you move on, change your perception, and negative energy forever.  By cleansing any negative energy you have been holding onto will open up space to bring in new positive strength, healthy energy, core beliefs, and experiences to enhance your ongoing resiliency, healing, and physical and mental wellness. 
  • See my AIT article and letter testimonials tabs in the drop down seach engine under "Important AUC Information," describing the AIT process to learn and its documented benefits. Please contact me if you want to learn more about this life changing technique and my practice.

"The voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new sights, 
but in looking with new eyes," Marcel Proust

What you focus on grows; why not learn to focus on the positive?                         

"When I stopped living in the problem and started living in the solution the problem went away; Acceptance can be the solution!"  You can create your own "Strength Kit" with healthy strategies, "Authentically U Vision Board," and coping skills to encourage you to relax, see your strenghts, and move forward on a daily basis.  

You can learn to breathe your stresses away and understand your mind/body connection to them.  Come experience how you have the power to shift your perception, your thoughts, feelings, and moods to propel you into a positive direction.  Understand and practice how you can become more resilient to life stressors and to what illnesses they could cause.

I look forward to working with you to help you gain insight, growth, and tools to achieve your goals.   If you're looking for extra support through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life please call or email me for an individual session for therapy and/or coaching, couples counseling, premarital counseling, family therapy session, Stress Management Workshop, or Empowerment-Resiliency Groups.   

Call me with any questions!  




Marilyn is a Holistic Psychotherapist & Board Certified Life & Spiritual Coach:
Definition of Holistic therapy; a term for any treatment / therapy session that is intended to treat the individual as a whole person, on all levels - mind, body and spiritual awareness, healing, and wellness.
Most complementary or alternative therapies could be regarded as holistic. 


verified by Psychology Today Directory
As a (ACS) board approved clinical supervisor for LGPC or LCPC's I offer HOLISTIC clinical
and educational peer supervision groups and/or individual supervision.  

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Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from 
Johns Hopkins University
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor  (LCPC)  
Post Master's Certificate - Counseling At-Risk Youth
 Board Certified Counselor  (NCC)
Board Certified Professional Life & Spiritual Coach  (BCC)

Board Approved Clinical Supervisor  (ACS)

Holistic Psychotherapist, 
Professional Life & Spiritual Coach

Authentically U Counseling, LLC

Learn to Breathe, focus, grow, connect, inspire, and THRIVE as Authentically U!   Marilyn Spenadel, MS, LCPC, NCC, BCC, ACS is           a Licensed Psychotherapist in MD, Professional Life and Spiritual Coach, and Board Approved Clinical Supervisor.  Call for your Free             15 minute phone consultation.

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Payment for Individual, Group Sessions, or Workshops
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Payment for Individual, Group Sessions, or Workshops
Amount: $US 
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